Students are expected to come to school clean and appropriately groomed and dressed. Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of other students or teachers from their school work shall be required to make the necessary alterations before entering the classroom or be sent home by the principal. Students who fail to meet the minimum acceptable standards of cleanliness and neatness as determined by the principal and as specified in this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures, including suspension. LBA Academy is a mandatory uniform school. All students will be expected to wear the appropriate school uniform every day and the following attire will be strictly enforced during the school year.




Students are required to wear a school picture ID at all times. ID’s will be issued through homeroom as soon as they become available during the first few weeks of school. If student ID’s is lost a financial obligation of $5.00 will be given and a replacement ID will be issued. UNIFORM


▪ All students are required to wear khaki Bermudas or khaki full-length pants that are hemmed. These pants may not have cargo pockets, unusual tailoring and/or labels, may not be manufactured from jean material and must be fitted to the student correctly. Pants that are too big or too tight, frayed, torn, or distressed are not acceptable and will be deemed in violation of the uniform code.


▪ Belts must be worn at all times; these belts must be plain, black or brown and fastened securely at waist level. Pants must be worn at waist level. Loose or low pants will not be tolerated. A Tuition – Free 9-12 Public Charter School “Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow.” www.lbaacademy.org


▪ Shirts must be white or navy blue polos or oxfords with the LBA Academy Logo. Shirts must be sized to allow for a 3 – 4 inch overlap to be tucked into the uniform pants. All shirts must be correctly tucked inside of pants at all times and secured in place with the belt. A maximum of one button may be left unfastened at the top of any shirt.


▪ During cooler weather, a plain white, navy blue sleeve or turtleneck may be worn underneath polo shirts.


▪ Non-School Sweaters can only be solid navy blue or white. No Hoodies. No lettering on the sweaters.


▪ Shoes must be closed. Sneakers and flats allowed. (NO CROCS)


▪ All uniforms must be clean and pressed at all times. Good grooming of hair, skin and fingernails is expected at all times. o Boy’s hair must be trimmed and groomed. The length of the hair may not exceed 2 inches below the neckline. Hair must not be dyed with unnatural colors, worn unusually, or maintained in unacceptable condition. Facial hair is not permitted. (Special accommodations will only be considered with proper documentation from a licensed physician)


▪ All headgear is forbidden on school property except as deemed acceptable by the administration for special events. (Headgear that forms part of a sporting uniform is allowed for those sports only and during those events.)


▪ No buttons, tags, or labels may be worn on the school uniform unless approved by the administration.


▪ Undershirts (t-shirts, etc.) if worn, may only be white, navy blue, gray, black, or.


▪ School approved spirit/ club sponsored gear may only be worn on pre-designated days.


▪ Jeans are limited to pre-designated days only. Blue Jeans only, jeans with holes are not acceptable. BOY’S UNIFORM In addition to the above, boys may not:


▪ Wear earrings (real or clip-on) or have any other visible body piercing or tattoos


▪ Wear any additional jewelry or clothing except as specified above, wear nail polish or make-up


▪ Have long hair to exceed 2 inches in length below the neck’s hairline, wear pony tails, headbands, etc.



In addition to the above, girls may not:


▪ Pants must fit properly and be appropriate for school.


▪ In keeping with the standards of the business world, make-up should be appropriate for school/office and should be applied before arrival. Students with excessive make-up may be asked to wash their face.


▪ Shoes- No boots, or booties are allowed


▪ Wear more than two (2) pair of earrings. Earrings must be plain stud or small hoop type not to exceed 1 inch in length.


▪ No other visible piercing or tattoos are allowed, wear headscarves, or wear pants below the hips.

Important Note for Science Classes:
Many brands of hair styling products contain highly flammable chemicals, even when they are dry. It is advised that these should not be worn in science classrooms as there is a risk of ignition from open flames. Additionally, it is recommended that students purchase a plain apron for use in these classes during their time in school to protect their clothes from damage during lab work. The school will not be held responsible for damage to students’ person or property if they do not follow the safety guidelines above and those advised in their classrooms.


Important Note for PE and Dance Classes:
PE requires the use of specific uniforms that are a requirement for class. PE uniforms are available for purchase at the beginning of each semester.

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