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Since its establishment in 1971 by a group of local subcontractors, Latin Builders Association has embodied the interests of builders, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians and tradesmen associated with the business of construction, striving to provide a vital forum for discussion, networking, training/development, and representation at the local and state level. Today, it is the largest Hispanic construction association in the United States, with over 650 member companies representing every aspect of South Florida’s vibrant construction industry and most of the area’s related business concerns. Indeed Latin Builder’s Association brings together professionals and firms that supply and service the industry in fields such as accounting, advertising, manufacturing, insurance, marketing, law, financial services, and others.

Each member is welcomed into the organization and encouraged to become active participants in LBA’s programs, seminars, committees, events, and proactive community service agenda, which includes a scholarship fund, an annual Christmas toy drive and many other worthy causes that provide assistance to fellow South Floridians.

Throughout its 36-year history, Latin Builder’s Association has been vigorously involved in local, state and federal issues that have an effect on our community, our industry and our organization. Our Executive Board, committees and staff have been actively engaged in:

Final passage of Florida’s new Building Code, which will provide more consistent guidelines and stricter standards—similar to those enacted in Miami-Dade County after hurricane Andrew— to counties throughout the state.
Working closely with county officials in dealing with Miami-Dade’s UDB (Urban Development Boundary) line. LBA is firm in its commitment that a sound strategy must be developed to balance the existing building boom and the increasing land values/construction costs with our area’s great demand for affordable housing.
Collaborating with Miami-Dade’s Building Department to streamline permitting and other administrative processes.
Actively participating in vital legislative issues—worker compensation reform, for example— that will not only affect the construction industry, but most of the state’s field endeavor.
Providing state and local officials a different perspective in regard to school currency and other important community issues.
Enhancing our organization’s member services with the creation of more personalized networking opportunities, such as our new member cocktails and 12-On-12 meetings, and implementing new business development programs by establishing partnerships with companies that can provide exclusive Preferred Benefits Packages to LBA members.
Improving our communications by expanding Proyecto magazine’s editorial coverage and its distribution; offering it’s readers a 24/7 presence around the world on the web at; establishing a new monthly e-newsletter, and widening the scope of our association’s website,

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